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7 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns That'll Skyrocket Your Revenue

Not sending regular emails to your customers? You're missing out on the greatest digital marketing medium of all – it boasts an impressive ROI of $44 for every $1 spent. However, too many businesses fail to capitalise on this opportunity, sending a lacklustre monthly newsletter and nothing else. What a waste!

Skyrocket your email campaigns with these seven types of emails.

Email marketing campaigns are far more diverse and flexible. You can prompt specific actions, re-engage old customers, advertise your product, or even award special offers. You just need to use every type of email marketing campaign.

We're exploring seven types of email marketing campaigns you can send. We'll see what they're designed to achieve and when to use them. Prepare to supercharge your email marketing – read on.

7 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Welcome Emails

First impressions matter! When subscribers first sign up to your email list, you can start to translate that into sales with a welcome email. Consider that only a quarter of leads are immediately "sales-ready," and you'll see the value of customer engagement.

Your welcome email should include a taster of what to expect going forwards. Perhaps you can talk briefly about your brand story, values, or latest products. You can even sweeten the deal with a free trial or discount for signing up.

Just avoid the hard sell – subscribers will be put off from the outset.

2. Email Newsletters

Keeping subscribers up-to-date with all your latest brand happenings is the mainstay of email marketing. Why? Because it works. Sending weekly or monthly emails ensures your subscribers see your latest products, stories, and achievements.

They're a key step in nurturing leads toward a sale and ensuring old customers don't drift off. Here are some ideas to include in your future newsletters:

  • Recent blog posts and guides

  • Video tutorials or product reveals

  • Upcoming offers

  • Company announcements

  • Recipes or advice

  • Latest products and services

  • Social proof, e.g., testimonials and reviews

Everything you include should add value to your subscribers. Try to limit each email to around three to four items and use simple fonts and layouts to keep the email skimmable. Oh, and don't forget a call-to-action to drive customers toward your desired goals.

3. Promotional Emails

Special offers or promotional emails are one of the most effective ways to reward subscriber loyalty. In fact, it's among the main incentives for getting people to subscribe. You might imagine promotional emails are the most generic of all. Not so. Of all the types of email campaigns, promotional emails lend themselves best to personalisation and segmentation.

How? Well, promotions can be tailored to seasonal holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Leading up to the big day, you can push discounts using seasonal codes and a killer call-to-action. Subscriber birthdays are another fantastic way to personalise your promotional emails. You can even segment your promotions depending on subscriber demographics to get your audience to act.

4. Cart Abandonment Emails

Don't let a customer leave their online cart abandoned! Sending a reminder can ensure you convert potential lost sales. People sometimes fill up their cart and then leave to think about the purchase. Perhaps they just got distracted.

The best cart abandonment emails are more than just a reminder. Clever or witty copy can re-engage a customer. Think "Don't Put This Off Like a Software Update" or "Your Cart is Sobering Up." These lines work best for an electronics or liquor company, respectively.

You can even highlight your product's benefits and answer commonly asked questions to remind the customer why they wanted the product in the first place. Social proof is also an excellent way to seal the deal...

5. Review Request Emails

Social proof is the best way to convince customers to buy your product. Every purchase we make is based on trust; social proof speeds up the process.

But gathering social proof – reviews and testimonials – isn't easy. Most customers who purchase your product or service never return. If they do leave a review, it's often the most disgruntled customers.

That's why you should always send a quick email after a purchase requesting a quick review. Adding a small offer – like a chance to win a gift card – is a powerful incentive. You can then use this data to manage your brand going forwards. It's invaluable!

6. Re-Engagement Emails

We've all had brands we once loved that somehow we just lost touch with – life moved us on. We may not even dislike the brand; we just forget about it. Stop your customers from losing interest in you by sending a snappy re-engagement email.

Perhaps opening with "We've Missed You" or "Long Time No See" – intimate, friendly language helps re-establish your old relationship and build customer loyalty. Fill the email with social proof, recent updates, latest product, and ask them how you can improve their experience.

7. Time-Sensitive Emails

Time-sensitive emails are less of a separate category and more of a powerful way to get results. Marketing is psychology plus selling. Most subscribers fear missing out. But they also delay a decision until later – eventually forgetting about an offer or product entirely.

Enter the time-sensitive email. Relying on words like "urgent," "hurry," "while stocks last," or "quick" forces a customer to make a decision then and there. It could be a limited-edition product or a seasonal sale. You're missing out on greater engagement and conversions if you're not using time-sensitive emails in your campaigns.

Experience Every Type of Email Marketing Campaign

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