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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Impeccable Writing! Please take the time to review the following Terms and Conditions guiding our writing services. You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions by hiring any of our services.

Content Creation

For SEO content writing: Clients can request any form of writing for their business. Orders must be at least 1,000 words, or greater and can be split into any number of smaller articles or pieces with the minimum article size being 500 words and increasing in 50-word increments, e.g., a 750 or 1500- word article is acceptable; a 756 or 2345-word article is not acceptable. Completed work is delivered within 50 to 100 words of the required word count.


For social media posts and product descriptions: Fifty (50) words per post or description are the minimum order size, even if you order fewer words. The order size may increase in twenty (20)-word increments from fifty words.


For email marketing: Before beginning the email creation, the length of the email and required content will be agreed upon.


Keyword research and topic research are included in the price. Keywords will be listed in square brackets at the top of the piece, and references are included as URLs at the bottom unless otherwise specified. If references are required in an academic format, we reserve the right to increase the price accordingly.


Written content will be delivered in a Microsoft Word Document (.docx) alongside a copy in Adobe PDF (.pdf). Designed content will be delivered in a PNG (.png) format, alongside other relevant formats where applicable, e.g., a GIF (.gif) where a transparent background is required.


Following the delivery of the work, the Client will have three revisions available to request alterations. Alterations must be in keeping with the original request.



Payments for work rendered by Impeccable Writing ("Website" or "Service") will be due following delivery of the order. For a single order of significant volume, i.e., greater than 10,000 words, payment may be required in advance, or the order may be delivered in paid increments. Pay invoices are typically sent at the end of each calendar month to the email address provided or otherwise specified. The work delivered should not be used until payments are completed – and the rights to the work are not transferred until such a time as the payment is completed.

Any emails or written communication requesting Impeccable Writing's services, inclusive of explicit consent to commence the work, shall be taken as a contract between you ("user," "you," or "your") and Impeccable Writing ("we," "us" or "our").


Clients may choose to engage us on an ongoing basis. In such circumstances, an automatic invoice/credit card transaction can be established, either for a specifically agreed set of services (a formal written declaration detailing these services is required) or as an ongoing "retainer" for undisclosed services.


Cancellation Policy

For one-off writing or design requests, we do not accept cancellations. Both parties may terminate all agreements with or without cause thirty (30) days after providing written notice. Any services provided in advance will be charged upon termination. If we do not fulfill our obligations to deliver the work required by the agreement by the end of this period, we shall provide a complete or partial refund according to the value of the required work.


Refund Policy

Impeccable Writing does not provide any refunds for completed writing that the Client has accepted. If the delivered writing does not meet your expectations, we will endeavour to correct, amend, refine, or edit the work to comply with the original agreement. Any further changes requested, outside of the remit of the original agreement, will require further financial compensation.


If, following the first revision, a client remains unsatisfied with the finished work, they can refuse to pay. By refusing to pay, they waive any rights to the work and cannot publish the work in any medium for any reason. However, if a client proceeds with the second and third revisions, they are then obligated to pay the full cost of the work in the time lines listed above.


However, once the work is accepted, or we do not hear from you for seven (7) days or more, you agree to pay the full agreed sum for the work within the calendar month.


Completion of Work

Where there is a delay from the Client in providing materials required to complete the agreed work, Impeccable Writing reserves the right to extend any formerly agreed timelines by a reasonable amount, considering obligations to other clients when relevant.


Use of Work

Impeccable Writing grants the rights for Clients to use any delivered work for promotional or profit-driven purposes for the business, nonprofit, charity, or any other legal entity that was initially agreed upon. The Client does not have the right to sell any work produced by Impeccable Writing or allow it to be used by a third party or any organisation, regardless of whether it is owned by the entity or individual in question.


In such circumstances, a Client must gain approval from us for the use of our work (copy and graphic images).


When a Client uses any work completed by us, we will not be responsible for any claims or legal actions related to the content, graphic images, videos, or any other material supplied.



Impeccable Writing (and any subcontractors we engage) will not divulge proprietary information about the clients at any time and will protect such information as confidential.

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