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6 Best Email Marketing Services to Skyrocket Your Campaigns

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Email marketing delivers the best return on investment (ROI) of any digital marketing strategy – a staggering $36 for every $1 spent. Given its enormous potential, sending the right emails to the right customers at the right time is critical.

Numerous companies now claim to have the best email marketing service – a one-stop shop for everything from audience segmentation to A/B testing to email automation.

Considering the services available, finding the best email marketing platform for your business is fast becoming a hunt for a needle in a haystack. Nor can businesses rely on platforms like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo!, as they're unsuitable for sending bulk emails. (Plus, your email can get flagged as spam.)

We've gone through the market leaders identifying the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision. These are the best email marketing services to boost your business.

  1. MailChimp – Best data insights

  2. SendInBlue – Best automated campaigns

  3. Omnisend – Best custom workflows

  4. Flodesk – Best looking emails

  5. Moosend – Best audience segmentation

  6. HubSpot – Best CRM tool

What is an Email Marketing Service?

An email marketing service is an all-in-one platform for all your email marketing needs. Rather than sending out mass emails via a Gmail account, email marketing services allow you to design your emails, often using ready-made templates; build an email subscriber list; perform A/B testing; automate email ending; and personalise and segment email utilising subscriber demographic data.

Choosing the right email marketing service is paramount for businesses. While search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing primarily target customers before their first purchase, email marketing is the sole digital marketing strategy exclusively tailored to past customers.

That means ensuring your emails are engaging, informative, and value-adding. Customers should be eager or tempted to open your email – requiring businesses to use all the features their email marketing service has available.

Best Email Marketing Platforms

1. MailChimp – Best data insights

MailChimp is one of the world's biggest email marketing services for good reason. With millions of users in over 175 countries, their drag-and-drop content blocks make creating emails a breeze. Indeed, it's hard not to be impressed with just how easy it is to create visually engaging emails at a click.

Moreover, they've expanded their capabilities, releasing a landing page builder that can further skyrocket your lead generation.

Where MailChimp truly excels, however, is in its actionable insights. Harnessing data from millions of users, they reveal the secret to success. Combined with its over 300 integrations – that allow you to customise your marketing campaigns – it's among the most flexible yet precise email marketing platforms around.

2. SendInBlue – Best automated campaigns

Unlike its competitors, SendInBlue combines both email and SMS marketing into a single platform. Sending over 30 million automated email and text messages daily, it's a popular platform among marketers.

You can create HTML templates using their drag-and-drop email builder; and SendInBlue's display conditions allow email templates designed to show specific content.

SendInBlue enables automated emails configured through automated workflows. You can also segment your subscribers' using demographics or lead scores to increase the ROI of your campaigns.

3. Omnisend – Best custom workflows

Built specifically with eCommerce in mind, Omnisend includes key features like automated emails and SMS messaging to ensure businesses convert leads into customers. That's not all: Omnisend's platform combines SMS messaging, web browser push notifications, Facebook ad retargeting, email marketing, and more to deliver the best email marketing platform for eCommerce businesses.

Better still, every channel allows for segmented campaigns – targeting customers with greater specificity than ever before. Small wonder that they've received thousands of 5-star reviews.

4. Flodesk – Best looking emails

Flodesk isn't a service you often see in the best email marketing platform lists. That's a mistake. Flodesk is affordable, easy to use, and produces stunning emails. From landing pages to branded emails, this email marketing service allows creative and visually distinct brands to add flair and personality to their marketing campaigns.

In fact, you can create by far the most beautiful brand emails compared to other platforms. Forget the dime-a-dozen email templates you find on most email builders. Flodesk is all about a visually engaging experience – as they say, "Design emails people love to open."

But it's more than style over substance. Tagging and workflow options help make email automation a straightforward process. Plus, you can integrate seamlessly with tools like Zapier and Shopify. Combined with its landing page and checkout designs, you can elegantly funnel customers from click to sale.

5. Moosend – Best audience segmentation

Moosend's audience segmentation is simply unrivalled. You can measure your campaigns' impact using real-time reporting and analytics to see which customers performed best. Every decision you make can be data-driven, segmenting your audience in ways you always dreamed of.

Moreover, through A/B testing, you can further optimise your campaign's success, trialling different images, copy, and styles to produce the highest conversion rates. You can even run spam and delivery tests to ensure your messages get through.

For small businesses, this hyper-personalised, segmented campaign comes at an affordable price; its sophisticated drag-and-drop builder also allows you to adapt many of the attractive email templates currently available.

6. HubSpot – Best CRM tool

HubSpot is renowned for customer relationship management (CRM). Capable of connecting with Outlook or Gmail, its email marketing platform is as impressive as it is reliable. Like many services, it uses a dragand-drop email builder (although there is an option to create custom templates).

The platform maintains a 99% deliverability rate and allows users to run A/B tests to see which email best resonates with your audience.

You'll also receive reports on your email performance which you can use to scale and develop your email marketing strategy. You can even see how a single lead interacts with your emails. Impressive, right?

Choose The Best Email Marketing Platform For You

Not everyone needs the same functionality and tools. If you're a boutique clothing company, creating stylish, unique emails means Flodesk will be your chosen platform. However, large businesses with a broad customer base may opt for a service with advanced segmentation or automation capabilities. It's all up to you.

You'll still need to create and write your emails, regardless of your chosen platform. That's where we come in.

Impeccable Writing can write and design emails optimised for high conversion rates. Whether you're driving a new product, producing a monthly newsletter, or prompting customers to return to an abandoned cart, we'll create emails that get results.

Schedule a free consultation to explore your options and plan your next email campaign.


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