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Product descriptions are at the bottom of the conversion funnel. After your articles, guides, social media posts, and email marketing have convinced the customer to go with your brand; the product description is the final hurdle. When captivating, search engine optimised, and informative, an excellent product description decisively explains why your customer should choose your product over your competition.

That's not to say it's all about selling. Product description writing is about trust: it should identify your customers' needs, describe the product, and emphasize its benefits.

Here are some jaw-dropping stats:

✑   98% of shoppers have been deterred from a purchase because of incomplete or incorrect content

✑   76% of shoppers state that product specifications are the most valuable information when purchasing a product

   Half of surveyed shoppers have returned an item they bought online because it did not match the product description

   Millennials and Gen Z are 40% more likely to be influenced by an impressive product description online


For example: if you're writing a product description for an electric guitar, rather than using unconvincing adjectives like "best product" or "great value," upsell by listing the highlights: "the guitar has a sturdy rosewood fretboard and Mother of Pearl inlay," or "the advanced pickups are meticulously voiced for their position, producing a more natural tone."

When paired with high-quality photos and a killer call-to-action (CTA), you can cut through the indecision, inspiring your customer to commit and buy the product. Just a few compelling words can make all the difference.

Why product descriptions matter?

“You must always find a market first ... then concentrate on a product!”



Persuade customers with compelling product description writing

You can integrate pictograms into the product description. Adding a list of bullet points also helps the description's browsability.

Launch your brand with impeccable product descriptions

All eCommerce businesses need attention-grabbing product description writing to drive sales. That doesn't mean any old product description will work. It should reflect your target audience, highlight your product's benefits, and be 100% search engine optimised.

We're a professional product description writing agency – ready to research your customer base and write superb product descriptions that avoid cliché terms and unconvincing language. With your customers at the final stage of the buyer's journey, a killer product description can seal the deal.

Using a natural tone and our in-depth research, our product descriptions provide all the critical information about your product – including the advantages. Whether you're selling your product to customers or fellow businesses, we'll tailor your product descriptions to the needs of your market.

Contact us today to see a uptick in sales – let's sell your products.

Top product descriptions

at a fair price.

Hire Impeccable Writing. For an affordable price, we'll write brand-worthy product descriptions. Book a call today.

Product Descriptions

Inspire your customers with compelling product descriptions.

We're experts at writing product descriptions designed to hook your readers in – and they're search engine optimised (SEO)!

Product descriptions should do one thing: sell, sell, sell. Here's how we ensure they do just that. 

Writing Product Descriptions

Product description writing should be audience centred. When you try to sell to everybody, you speak to nobody. Our product descriptions are direct and personal. We follow the golden rule: don't sell a product; sell an experience.

We always add SEO keywords into every product description. Product descriptions are the perfect locations for keywords, whether your product is on Amazon or your Shopify website. We include keywords and Amazon search terms in the header, subheadings, and description paragraph.

You've got to earn your superlatives. Casually throwing them around dilutes their impact. After all, a superlative, by definition, means something is the "most-est" of anything. So, if you say you've got the crunchiest chocolate bar, you better be sure that's true.

Avoid excess superlatives

Listing product features is fine. But it doesn't persuade or delve below the surface. When listing the product features, we keep it benefits-focused. Buyers aren't interested in the mundane specifications.

Explore beyond product features

The best product descriptions are scannable. Customers want to understand the essence of your product at a glance. The main product description should be no longer than two to three sentences. Add further depth with evocative bullet points that answer customer questions.

Keep it readable

Use SEO keywords

Think about your audience

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