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Whether your company is B2B or B2C, content marketing, like blog articles, how-to guides, social media posts, site content, and product descriptions, will skyrocket the organic traffic to your site.

Consider that 91% of B2B marketers used content marketing to reach their customers. It works. But only if it answers some fundamental questions:


➀ What's your message?

➁ What's your brand voice?

➂ Who is your target market?

Through comprehensive research, we learn your industry inside-out, investigate your competitors, and devise a plan to do it better. Prizing quality above all, we'll make you the go-to authroity for your industry. 

Book a consultation to starting talking about your brand or contact us directly. 

You Can't Afford to Ignore Content Marketing

You're a business or nonprofit that needs to get heard. You've got a product or service you want to market to customers or fellow businesses.

You think content marketing is the answer: it is!

Forget about the mass marketing of yesteryear – TV, radio, newspapers – digital marketing allows greater precision than ever. Through powerfully penned blog articles, compelling white papers, vivid product descriptions, you can actively target browsers interested in your product or service. That means every pound or dollar you spend matters.

Except – how do you decode your industry's labyrinthine jargon and product specs into active, engaging, and consumer-friendly language? Where can you find a copywriter who doesn't just scribble down words, but breathes life into your content?

In industries like medicine, science, and engineering, the language is so dense and impenetrable it may as well be a foreign tongue to the average consumer (or even adjacent businesses). You need a copywriter as passionate on the page as they are fluent in technical language.

That's where we come in.

If You're Here It Means Only One Thing

I started out life as a doctor, took a detour through the pharmaceutical sector, and somehow, came out a copywriter. (I'm as surprised as you are.) I founded Impeccable Writing to save businesses and nonprofits from the clutches of bad content. With a firm background in science (MBBS and MSc), I'm fluent in all things technical, from leishmaniasis to polymerase chain reactions.

I may not work as a doctor anymore, but I still use the same analytical tools. I diagnose a company's marketing problems and prescribe a dose of content guaranteed to convert.

Hi, I'm Dr Joe Nightingale

We sell technical manufacturing products - palletizers and labellers - for B2B companies.

We've reviewed leading tech products and written the book on SEO marketing. 

SEO and Digital Marketing

Let us unravel the intracicies of clinical trials, translating your results into key marketing.

Clinical Trials

From supplements to ointments, we generate donations and turn patients into customers.

Healthcare and Medicine

We help you put your best foot forward, by creating educational foot and ankle content.

Podiatric Centres

Manufacturing and Packaging

Cosmetics and Beauty Products

We amplify the allure of your products, highlight their benefits and embracing your brand ethos.

Financial Services

Clarifying the labyrinth of financial terms and products is our speciality. 

Industries We Serve

We welcome all businesses and nonprofits across every industry - specialising in health and science. Whether you're a cutting-edge biotech firm, a dental surgery, or a pharmaceutical giant, we're primed to inject life into your marketing and fuel your growth with our impeccable content.

We're on a mission to tell your brand's story.

Conveying your products technical specs or a complex scientific idea isn't easy. We're translating experts - converting industry or medical jargon into consumer-friendly language. 

Too many labs, pharma companies, and trades confuse customers with dense, jargon-filled content that even adjacent businesses struggle to understand. We cut throught the noise to find the salient points that you want said. 

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