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Educate your audience with research-backed content writing

Translating your industry jargon and technical specifications into easy-to-understand content is critical. Whatever the medium, we distill  your product, services, or industry into compelling content that converts.


Trusted by business and nonprofits

Businesses and nonprofits rely on scientific writing as a tool for communication, marketing, education, and advocacy.


For example, a pharmaceutical company may use medical writing to explain how a drug works, while a pet food company may hire a health writer to convey the nutritional benefits of their products.

Every purchase is built on a foundation of trust. When customers see products and services backed by scientific and medical research it build trust – helping provide some proof to a brand’s claims.


Science and medical writing, therefore, transform complex jargon into clear insights, empowering businesses and nonprofits to build trust and credibility through informed, evidence-backed communication.

What is science and medical writing?

Business and nonprofits face a problem. As experts, they struggle to translate complex industry jargon into digestible, easy-to-understand content their customers can comprehend.

Here's the answer:

Science writing involves creating content that explains a product's scientific details to customers to foster trust and client confidence in a product.

Medical writing involves highlighting the health properties of a product through product descriptions, blog articles, patients leaflets, and other educational resources.

Reach your audience with expert science & medical writing


Prepare white papers and eBooks for investor engagement.

Develops eBooks on prevalent health issues for education.

Use scientific insights to highlight product features.

Craft blog articles showcasing scientific product benefits.

Create educational content for patients on health issues.

Write detailed press releases on regulatory milestones.

Ensure content accuracy with expert research


Clients in the science and medical industries want clear and interesting information based on evidence, but without the complicated jargon. Companies often struggle to find copywriters and SEO agencies that are as well versed in scientific understanding as they are in search engine optimisation.

With a qualified medical doctor on the team, we provide professional writing and detailed nowledge. We rely on the highest-quality sources to support any healthy or scientific claims and perform a thorough fact-check to guarantee accuracy.

Translate complex ideas into easy-to-understand articles


Clear, straightforward communication is prioritised, avoiding complicated jargon to make content accessible and engaging for a wider audience. 

Content is organised with clear headings, subheadings, and bullet points. This methodical arrangement makes complex information easy to digest and follow.

We supplement content with diagrams, charts, and infographics, simplifying complex data and making it visually appealing.

Reach your audience with compelling content


Strategic use of SEO principles ensures the content not only appeals to the audience but also ranks well in search results, increasing visibility and driving traffic.

Engaging stories and practical examples are crafted to capture attention and make the content memorable, encouraging deeper engagement.

We add calls-to-action and interactive elements are incorporated to prompt audience articipation and engagement.

Receive fact-checked content based on trustworthy sources


Each piece of content is meticulously verified through a rigorous fact-checking process, ensuring that all information is accurate and free from errors - essential for maintaining credibility and trust.

Content is continually cross-checked against emerging data and scientific advancements, ensuring it stays relevant and correct.

We source information solely from credible and authoritative sources such as peer-reviewed journals, established news outlets, and recognised industry experts.

Your Questions,


  • What is a content marketing strategy?
    A content marketing strategy outlines the content we will create in the coming months. It identifies the topic, article title, keywords (including their search volume), type of content, location in the content funnel, proposed publication date, and any similar, competing articles. Once created, a content marketing strategy allows production to occur on time, ensuring you publish content regularly on your site. With some sites publishing several articles and pieces a week, using a content marketing strategy keeps the process organised for everyone involved.
  • What is a content pillar?
    A content pillar is a core topic or concept relevant to your industry. These content pillars are then used to help think up new article ideas. For example, if you are a mountain biking company, your content pillars could be "bike maintenance," "bike reviews," "biking news," and "recommended cycle routes." Rather than starting from scratch, content pillars help spark new ideas for future content, from how-to guides to opinion pieces.
  • Can I order a specific article(s)?
    Yes. If you want to order a particular article(s) and you've already done the keyword research, we're more than happy to write it to your requirements. We're always flexible with clients. We'll meet your needs, whatever they may be. We do request that you order a minimum of 1,000 words and that no article should be shorter than 500 words.
  • How do you identify keywords?
    Keyword selection is an art. We use multiple tools, including Google Keyword Planner, to initially identify keywords relating to a topic or industry. We will also perform a Google search, looking at related terms and recommended questions to identify popular search terms. When we appraise each keyword, we consider search volume and competitiveness. In general, we prioritise keywords with low competitiveness and high search volume – balancing these factors when necessary. If a keyword has a high user search intent, we may consider it, even if the search volume is low.

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