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  • Dr Joseph Nightingale

5 Best Social Media Accounts You've Got to Follow in 2023

Joining social media is a must for almost every business. Whether you join Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, these platforms allow you to connect with millions – even billions – of potential customers.

Thinking up your next post can become a challenge if you've been on a platform for more than five minutes. What else is there to say? How do you keep things fresh and interesting?

If in doubt, look to the best.

I follow numerous business accounts to keep up with the latest social media trends. No matter your industry, there's always something to learn from watching how other brands post. See what works and doesn't, and spark ideas from what's trending.

Below I'm going through the best social media accounts that will inspire you in 2023. It includes the best B2C and B2B social media accounts online today.

Let's dive in!

Best Social Media Accounts for 2023

Taco Bell – Twitter

Whoever manages Taco Bell's Twitter account has their finger on the pulse. Effortlessly, every post is 100% hilarious or engaging. When a user roasts Taco Bell, you can bet they've got a witty comeback. In fact, their Tweets are spicier than their burritos.

From fun questions like "What's the ideal number of sauce packets?" to funny little zingers, "We want a candle that smells like hope, dreams, and Crunchwrap Supremes," Taco Bell has mastered the art of social media.

AppleOne – LinkedIn

Founded in 1964, AppleOne is an employment company that runs a professional, engaging, and informative LinkedIn profile. Whether you're a prospective employee or customer, it's the gold standard for B2B social media accounts.

Why? Simple: every single post humanises its brand while remaining relevant. They run polls, celebrate holidays, and post high-quality blog articles that demand attention. Following AppleOne guarantees posts that'll leave you better informed than ever.

Blue Bottle – Instagram

As a connoisseur of the Instagram grid, Blue Bottle ranks as one of the most elegant. Following a strict colour palette of rich browns and blues, every post is a treat – like another delicious cup of coffee.

You'll find masterclasses in making drinks, giveaways, product launches, and more. If you're looking for a lesson in style, this is one of the best social media accounts to follow.

Wendy's – Instagram

Perhaps my favourite business social media account of all – Wendy's is funny (and I mean, actually funny). Like Taco Bell, they're a fast-food brand that benefits from a distinct personality. But, where Taco Bell has mastered the one-line zinger, Wendy's is all about the memes. Hardly a few days go by without Wendy's posting a laugh-out-loud meme – some are just plain weird.

This is definitely some hot and crispy content.

Little wonder they've got impressive engagement. It's not usual for Wendy's to see tens of thousands of likes and shares – while other accounts with similar follower numbers hover in the hundreds. That's not to say everyone could pull off this tour de force – lower your meme game if you want to be taken seriously. Wendy's doesn't care – and that's why it's loved.

Microsoft - LinkedIn

Microsoft remains one of the biggest tech companies worldwide – it's no surprise it has a large following. But Microsoft never takes its reach for granted. In fact, it's an incredible example of B2B social media.

For example, the company doesn't restrict itself to a single narrow page; every product of the affiliated company has its own page, where specialist posts and information is present.

Moreover, you'll find their posts range from sage words of wisdom to fun seasonal pictures to tips on using their products.

They also make excellent use of the events page – listing all the online events open to everyone. If you want to engage, no one makes it easier than Microsoft.

Follow in their Footsteps; Build Your Social Media Brand

Social media is a powerful engine for brand awareness and connectivity. The best social media accounts tend to be those that develop a unique brand voice – and stick to it.

Let us know which accounts you love to follow!

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