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ChatGPT: How to Use AI in Social Media Marketing

You're using ChatGPT wrong! If you've been asking ChatGPT to "write me a social media post about X," you've barely scratched the surface of what the technology is capable of. Like any copywriter or social media marketer, the more specific your requests, the more creative and relevant the posts.

ChatGPT  is a key tool for AI in social media marketing

Caption writing, topic generation, responding to followers – AI in social media marketing can solve all these problems and more. But unless you want the same cookie-cutter AI-generated posts everyone else is posting, stop what you're doing and learn the insider tips to mastering this conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

ChatGPT and social media marketing don't have to be monotonous and predictable. Here's how to squeeze every last drop of passion, creativity, and humanity from this writing algorithm.

In this article:

When to Use ChatGPT in Social Media Marketing

To paraphrase A Tribe Called Quest: "Can it write it?" Yes, it can! Whatever you want it to write, ChatGPT can do it. There are no wrong responses, only poor prompts.

If, for whatever reason, your AI algorithm of choice isn't acting as you want, think about what you're doing wrong. That being said, when combining AI and social media marketing, there are three clear tasks it can help with:

  1. Caption writing

  2. Idea Generation

  3. Comment Responses

Caption Writing

Almost all businesses write and schedule their social media posts en masse. But, sitting down to write three months' worth of captions is a daunting prospect. After the first half-dozen, you feel your enthusiasm for the task evaporates.

Enter ChatGPT.

You can generate hundreds of posts in an hour or two with a well-written, standardized prompt. Specify the platform, caption length, tone, and topic, and sip your coffee as the words appear before you – just like magic.

Better still, ChatGPT will read your latest blog post, LinkedIn article, or white paper and distil it down to an engaging 280-character tweet. Just as long as you ask nicely.

Idea Generation

Generating new ideas for social media posts is easy – the first dozen times. After six months, even the most creative social media managers end up scratching their heads, wondering what to post.

While admittedly, ChatGPT isn't always the most creative tool. Its ideas won't win any prizes, but it can still be a helpful way to spark ideas and keep the content flowing.

Ask it to generate a dozen ideas for posts related to a specific content pillar or put together a content calendar listing dates and weeks. You can even create a table to keep your social media posts organised and ready to go.

Comment Responses

Ever received a rude, unfair comment from a customer? Replying takes all your effort to be congenial. Even positive feedback can leave you stumped on how not to avoid sending the same cliché response.

Using AI in social media marketing means copying and pasting the comment into ChatGPT and asking for a "friendly, compassionate reply" or an "apology without admitting fault."

If the algorithm is anything, it's a master of writing responses that match the exact tone and tenor you're after.

5 Insider Tips to Master AI Social Media Marketing

Alright, here's the part you've been waiting for. The secret sauce. The cheat codes. The insider tips to really harness the power of AI in social media marketing.

1. Be Specific

When giving instructions to ChatGPT, remember the adage: garbage in, garbage out. The vaguer and more open-ended your prompts, the more random and useless the responses will be. It's like trying to order coffee by just saying, "Coffee, please!" It could be hot, iced, black, white, latte, cappuccino... who knows?

Therefore, being specific in your prompts is absolutely crucial. If you want a caption for a post about a summer sale, don't just say, "Write a caption about a sale." Say, "Write a punchy, upbeat caption for an Instagram post about our summer sale featuring 50% off beachwear." See the difference?

2. Don't Trust The Facts

While ChatGPT is a marvel of modern technology, it doesn't know everything. It was trained on a massive corpus of text available up until its training cut-off in September 2021. Hence, it might not be accurate on details and facts post-dating this cut-off. Always verify the facts it provides.

Furthermore, it doesn't have real-time access to current events or the latest news, so you'll need to fill it in. If you want to write a post about an upcoming event, you'll need to provide all the details.

3. Revise, Revise, Revise

ChatGPT won't always produce gold on the first try, even with perfect prompts. You might need to revise the prompt, tweak the parameters, or simply try again. Think of it as having a conversation. If you don't like your answer, you can always rephrase the question or ask for more information.

Remember, revision is a normal part of the writing process, whether you're a human or a machine. Don't be discouraged if the first output isn't perfect.

4. Give It An Example

ChatGPT learns from examples, so why not use this to your advantage? If you want a specific type of content, like a humorous tweet or an inspiring LinkedIn post, give it an example to work from. Say, "Write a tweet in the style of this: 'Why did the marketer get off the trampoline? He was worried about his bounce rate!'" It will get the hang of it and follow your provided pattern.

5. Summarise An Article

ChatGPT can be a fantastic tool for creating concise, engaging summaries of longer pieces of content. Have a 1,000-word blog post about the latest industry trends? ChatGPT can distil it into a 200-word LinkedIn post or even a pithy tweet.

To do this effectively, be sure to provide the AI with the key points you want included in the summary. Don't leave it to guess what you consider important. With the right instructions, it can save you tons of time and help repurpose your long-form content for various social media platforms.

How to Write Prompts That Generate Creative Responses

Mastering AI in social media marketing is all about the prompts. Lazy, lacklustre prompts generate sub-par outputs. Tons of so-called AI social media marketing experts claim to have the secret sauce, and yet, they generate the same bland, boring posts everyone else gets.

Consider how long your prompt is. If you're only writing a sentence or two, there's not much information to go from.

Let's go through an example. See which prompts produce the better result:

Prompt 1: Write an Instagram caption for the launch of Mario's Pizza's new delivery app. Customers will get a 15% discount on their first order. Include a CTA to download the app.

Satisfy your cravings with a touch and save!🍕🎉 We're excited to introduce Mario's Pizza's new delivery app 📲. Get a cheesy deal of 15% OFF on your first order! 🤩 Your favourite pizza; now just a tap away. #PizzaParty #MobileDining
Download our app now and get that #MarioMagic delivered straight to your door! Link in bio. 🚀🍕

Prompt 2: Write an Instagram caption at least 125 characters long. Include a list of 30 high-performing hashtags after the caption. Do not introduce the hashtags. The post is about the launch of our new food delivery app that's guarantees delivery within 1 hour.

The business is called Mario's Pizza. Say customers who download the app get 15% off their first order. Include a CTA to download the app. The post should be fun and persuasive. The keyword is pizza delivery app.

Launching Mario's Pizza - the hottest new pizza delivery app on the block! 🍕🚀 We guarantee your food is delivered hot and fresh in under an hour, or your pizza is on us. Get 15% off your first order when you download the app. Act now and savour the flavour. 📲 Because we know that happiness is a slice of pizza away!

These examples make it crystal clear – a detailed and thoughtfully crafted prompt wins the day! The latter example gives a fuller brief, adding length, specific elements like a keyword and high-performing hashtags, and tonality, all leading to a more interesting result.

Remember: ChatGPT is like your friendly neighbourhood bartender; the more you tell it, the better it can mix that perfect content cocktail.

Think of your prompt as a roadmap to your desired destination. You wouldn't just tell a GPS, "Take me to a restaurant," you'd give the full address, right? Treat ChatGPT the same way. Specify the format, the platform, the tone, the goal – all the juicy details that make your content sizzle.

Cartoon robot and smartphone social media conversation.

Final Thoughts

Alright, folks! It's high time to ditch the 'same old, same old' and let ChatGPT add a dash of spice to your social media mix. With our insider low-down, you'll transform from an AI newbie to a wizard, bringing a zesty twist to your content game. And hey, let's not just settle for run-of-the-mill - we're all about going for that AI gold!

Ready to disrupt the digital world with an AI-fuelled social media strategy? Book a consultation now, and let's chat about boosting your content marketing and social media game together. No more 'business as usual'; it's time for some AI action!


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