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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the art of increasing a site's ranking on the search engine results page (SERP), using keywords, backlinks, content writing, and technical audits to optimise a site's relevance, popularity, and findability.

When search engines determine the search results, their complex algorithms attempt to match the best web pages with a person's intention – they're trying to help people find what they're looking for online.

Through SEO content marketing you can rank for certain keywords, thereby directing relevant organic traffic to your website. When done right, this content builds brand awareness, delivers a service to customers, and explains why your product or service is so important.

Given this, SEO is as much about learning the wants and needs of your audience as tinkering with your site's technical configuration. With our help, you'll skyrocket up the rankings, expanding your business – more visitors, more sales, more profit.

Here are some of the SEO content writing we deliver:

✑   Blog articles

✑   Site page content

✑   Meta descriptions

✑   How-to guides

✑   White papers

✑   Product reviews

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

What is it?

Got questions?

Here are our answers:

  • What is a content marketing strategy?
    A content marketing strategy outlines the content we will create in the coming months. It identifies the topic, article title, keywords (including their search volume), type of content, location in the content funnel, proposed publication date, and any similar, competing articles. Once created, a content marketing strategy allows production to occur on time, ensuring you publish content regularly on your site. With some sites publishing several articles and pieces a week, using a content marketing strategy keeps the process organised for everyone involved.
  • What is a content pillar?
    A content pillar is a core topic or concept relevant to your industry. These content pillars are then used to help think up new article ideas. For example, if you are a mountain biking company, your content pillars could be "bike maintenance," "bike reviews," "biking news," and "recommended cycle routes." Rather than starting from scratch, content pillars help spark new ideas for future content, from how-to guides to opinion pieces.
  • Can I order a specific article(s)?
    Yes. If you want to order a particular article(s) and you've already done the keyword research, we're more than happy to write it to your requirements. We're always flexible with clients. We'll meet your needs, whatever they may be. We do request that you order a minimum of 1,000 words and that no article should be shorter than 500 words.
  • How do you identify keywords?
    Keyword selection is an art. We use multiple tools, including Google Keyword Planner, to initially identify keywords relating to a topic or industry. We will also perform a Google search, looking at related terms and recommended questions to identify popular search terms. When we appraise each keyword, we consider search volume and competitiveness. In general, we prioritise keywords with low competitiveness and high search volume – balancing these factors when necessary. If a keyword has a high user search intent, we may consider it, even if the search volume is low.

SEO Content Marketing

In need of captivating content writing for your business?
SEO content marketing can increase your site traffic, skyrocket customer engagement, and build brand awareness. Let us raise your ranking in Google with
blog articles, site content, meta descriptions, and more.

Think of the last time you clicked on the second, third, or fourth page on Google. Can't remember? That's the reason for SEO in a nutshell.

Let's be frank: if you're not appearing in the first two or so pages on Google, you're not getting noticed. If you're not getting noticed, why are you producing content? It's a waste of time and money.

Too many content marketers endlessly churn out blog posts with no relevance to the customer. We've forgotten the purpose of the content. To build emotional relationships with our customers: to inform, engage, and energise our target market. We've forgotten that content writing needs to say something.

Content marketing works. Businesses with a blog receive 67% more leads than comparable companies; and businesses that use content marketing see around 30% higher growth rates.

Think about it: customers who access your site through SEO content writing are already interested in your product or service – they're searching online for the relevant keywords. And when they read your article or guide, you become an authority in your field. By writing about your products or services (without the hard sell), you're creating leads, eventually funnelling them into a purchase.

Why is SEO Content Marketing Important?

Achieve success with SEO content marketing experts

Here's a secret: content creation isn't optional; it's critical. If you're not producing content, wave goodbye to customers, profits, and brand awareness. Content writing is fast outpacing traditional forms of advertising. SEO content marketing is the beating heart of modern businesses, be it blogs, articles, web pages, and more.

What's needed is an SEO content marketing agency – someone to devise your content strategy, research relevant keywords, and write engaging content that your customers want to read. Here at Impeccable Writing, we'll do more than that.

As we generate content, we'll consider where your prospective buyer is in the content funnel. They could be just learning about your brand, comparing different products, or getting ready to make a purchase.


We'll produce content writing tailored to each of these stages – you won't just attract new visitors; you'll also convert them into long-standing customers.

Exploring SEO Content Writing

Here is an excerpt from a blog article. We're exploring the top tips to consider when creating content for your business, from keyword choices to subheadings to links.

Your headline should be keyword-orientated. Use power words, like "mind-blowing" or "attract" to grab your reader's attention. Questions and listicles are also a popular format.

Begin your article with a broad, clear introduction to the topic.

Keep paragraphs short and snappy to break up the wall of text.

Content writing with at least one list every 500 words receives 70% more traffic than those without lists.





Catch the reader's attention by highlighting key sections in bold. Hyperlinks also adds credence to your article or can link to past articles.

Split up your content using subheadings; they're also an opportunity to further include your keywords.

Blog posts with images have a 94% higher view-through rate.




Superior quality writing at a fair price.

Hire Impeccable Writing. For an affordable price, we'll transform your SEO content writing strategy. Book a call today.

Demonstrate your brand's industry expertise and innovations with insightful white papers.

Establish your brand as an authority in your field with informative and insightful eBooks.


Provide value to your audience with user-friendly how-to guides.

Amplify your online presence with compelling landing pages and captivating web content.

Landing Page and Web Content

Capture the attention of search engine users with attention-grabbing meta descriptions.

Meta Descriptions

Enhance your digital footprint with captivating blog posts and authoritative articles.

Blogs and Authority Articles

White Papers

How-To Guides

Our Science & Technical Writing Services

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