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Science & Technical Writing

Educate your audience about your product or services. Our science and technical writing distil down the hard-to-understand aspects of your product, services, and industry into compelling content that converts.

Immersed in your business's niche, it's hard to translate your knowledge into easy-to-understand content. Technical content writing takes dry, statistical, or factual information and crafts engaging writing that doesn't put readers to sleep.

A packaging company, for example, could publish blog posts advertising its products without bamboozling small-scale manufacturers with acronyms and dense technical details. A nutritional supplement producer, on the other hand, may explore the cutting-edge science behind its ingredients without requiring a Ph.D. to read it.

Technical writing speaks in a voice your customers comprehend. No snooze-inducing paragraphs. No jargon. No impenetrable language.


Content Writing:

What is it?

Superior quality writing at a fair price.

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✑   Tradespeople, e.g., plumbing, joinery,           carpentry, or glaziers

✑   Tech enterprises

✑   Financial institutions and banks

✑   Pharmaceuticals

✑   Nutrition and supplements

✑   Lawyers and legal firms

✑   Environmental organisations

✑   Biotech companies

✑   Manufacturers

Manufacturers, science companies, experts, and more tend to become engrossed in their industry. They speak a language no one else understands. In fact, technical and science writing is often needlessly complicated and convoluted – endlessly adding syllables and name-dropping jargon.

Except: the harder your writing is to read, the more you alienate your target market—even B2B technical writing benefits from easy-to-read, standard English. Adding a dense layer of archaic or technical language may sound smarter, but it doesn't sell.

Do the opposite! Hire a science writer or technical writer who'll delve into your product or service's niche and specialised aspects without losing sight of who they're trying to talk to.

Curious whether you could benefit? Here are some industries and companies that need professional science and technical writing services:

Why Expert Manufacturing, Scientific, & Technical Writing Matters

Trust and accuracy are paramount in the technical and science writing industry. When it comes to conveying complex scientific concepts or technical details, precision and clarity are key. That's why you need a technical and science content writing company that understands the intricacies of your industry.

At Impeccable Writing, we specialize in creating technical and science content that is informative, accessible, and easy to understand. Whether you need technical manuals, whitepapers, blog articles, or product descriptions, we'll use our expertise and scientific research to ensure your content is as informative as it is compelling.

We also conduct extensive keyword research and employ SEO best practices to ensure your content ranks high on search engine results pages, driving traffic toward your site.

From how-to guides to product specifications to landing pages, we'll help you build a strong reputation in your industry and establish yourself as a trusted authority.

Book a consultation today to explore how we can help – let's get you noticed!

Earn Customers Trust with Accurate Technical and Science Writing

Got questions?

Here are our answers:

  • What is a content marketing strategy?
    A content marketing strategy outlines the content we will create in the coming months. It identifies the topic, article title, keywords (including their search volume), type of content, location in the content funnel, proposed publication date, and any similar, competing articles. Once created, a content marketing strategy allows production to occur on time, ensuring you publish content regularly on your site. With some sites publishing several articles and pieces a week, using a content marketing strategy keeps the process organised for everyone involved.
  • What is a content pillar?
    A content pillar is a core topic or concept relevant to your industry. These content pillars are then used to help think up new article ideas. For example, if you are a mountain biking company, your content pillars could be "bike maintenance," "bike reviews," "biking news," and "recommended cycle routes." Rather than starting from scratch, content pillars help spark new ideas for future content, from how-to guides to opinion pieces.
  • Can I order a specific article(s)?
    Yes. If you want to order a particular article(s) and you've already done the keyword research, we're more than happy to write it to your requirements. We're always flexible with clients. We'll meet your needs, whatever they may be. We do request that you order a minimum of 1,000 words and that no article should be shorter than 500 words.
  • How do you identify keywords?
    Keyword selection is an art. We use multiple tools, including Google Keyword Planner, to initially identify keywords relating to a topic or industry. We will also perform a Google search, looking at related terms and recommended questions to identify popular search terms. When we appraise each keyword, we consider search volume and competitiveness. In general, we prioritise keywords with low competitiveness and high search volume – balancing these factors when necessary. If a keyword has a high user search intent, we may consider it, even if the search volume is low.

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