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Health & Medical Writing

Ready to build trust and become an industry authority? We educate, inspire, and engage your patients and customers with expertly researched, medically accurate health and medical writing – from SEO content marketing to informative white papers.

Expert health copywriting at a fair price.

Hire Impeccable Writing. For an affordable price, we'll create informative health and medical writing. Book a call today.

Medical writing refers to the creation of high-quality, accurate, medically reviewed writing for the healthcare industry. Much of the health writing in the industry is patient-focused, translating the complex verbiage and technical jargon used by healthcare professionals into the language patients and customers understand – we call this medical content writing.

At Impeccable Writing, we're experts in writing clear, concise, common-sense English that educates, inspires, and engages your patients and customers, building your brand authority and developing your industry credentials.

Let's explore a few examples:

✑   Blog articles

✑   Site page content

✑   Landing pages

✑   White papers

✑   Product leaflets

✑   Product descriptions

Through our in-depth research, fact-checking, and compelling health content, we'll put your healthcare business on the digital map. Combined with our keyword research and SEO best practices, you'll rank in Google, expand your reach, and beat your competition – we know how to deliver results.

Health &
Medical Writing:

What is it?

Communicate with your customers.

Schedule a consultation today.

Convert and inform clients about your services and funnelling them toward a desired action.

Captivate and inform customers with persuasive product descriptions.

Product Descriptions

We'll create accurate and easy-to-understand leaflets covering key conditions or services.

Patient Leaflets

Lead your industry through in-depth, insightful reports on key healthcare or medical issues.

White Papers

Persuade patients to try your brand through compelling copywriting.

Health Copywriting

Rank for keywords and attract customers with informative blog posts and articles.

Blogs and Authority Articles

Landing Page and Web Content

Our Health & Medical Writing Services

Reach Your Patients and Customers With
Health Writing Experts

Trust is at the bedrock of every transaction. Nowhere is that truer than in the healthcare industry. If we don't trust our doctors, dentists, nursing homes, and more, we won't place our lives and health in their hands. That means the expectations for the accuracy and readability of medical content writing are so much higher than for any other industry.

What you need is medical writing services from industry experts that are as engaging as they are informative. Here at Impeccable Writing, we'll do that and more. We'll expand your reach and earn customer trust by using the latest scientific and medical research to support your claims and in-depth keyword research to improve your Google ranking.

We're ready to support and grow your business, from blog posts to white papers to landing pages. With our content marketing and medical expertise, you'll expiring soaring customer engagement.

Book a consultation today to explore how we can help – let's get you noticed!

Got questions?

Here are our answers:

  • What is a content marketing strategy?
    A content marketing strategy outlines the content we will create in the coming months. It identifies the topic, article title, keywords (including their search volume), type of content, location in the content funnel, proposed publication date, and any similar, competing articles. Once created, a content marketing strategy allows production to occur on time, ensuring you publish content regularly on your site. With some sites publishing several articles and pieces a week, using a content marketing strategy keeps the process organised for everyone involved.
  • What is a content pillar?
    A content pillar is a core topic or concept relevant to your industry. These content pillars are then used to help think up new article ideas. For example, if you are a mountain biking company, your content pillars could be "bike maintenance," "bike reviews," "biking news," and "recommended cycle routes." Rather than starting from scratch, content pillars help spark new ideas for future content, from how-to guides to opinion pieces.
  • Can I order a specific article(s)?
    Yes. If you want to order a particular article(s) and you've already done the keyword research, we're more than happy to write it to your requirements. We're always flexible with clients. We'll meet your needs, whatever they may be. We do request that you order a minimum of 1,000 words and that no article should be shorter than 500 words.
  • How do you identify keywords?
    Keyword selection is an art. We use multiple tools, including Google Keyword Planner, to initially identify keywords relating to a topic or industry. We will also perform a Google search, looking at related terms and recommended questions to identify popular search terms. When we appraise each keyword, we consider search volume and competitiveness. In general, we prioritise keywords with low competitiveness and high search volume – balancing these factors when necessary. If a keyword has a high user search intent, we may consider it, even if the search volume is low.

✑   Doctors Offices

✑   Podiatrists

✑   Chiropodists

✑   Dentists/Orthodontists

✑   Nursing Homes

✑   Physiotherapists

✑   Home Healthcare


✑   Pharmaceutical

✑   Nutrition Companies

✑   Cosmetics Companies

✑   Hospitals

✑   Research Labs

✑   Dieticians/Nutritionists

✑   Chiropractors

✑   Osteopaths

Too often, healthcare businesses turn to your average SEO agency in the hopes of getting ranked in Google. That's a mistake! Unlike most industries, medical content writing requires a special kind of expertise – one versed in scientific understanding and medical education.

That's where Impeccable Writing is different!

With a qualified medical doctor on the team (with a background in pharmaceuticals), we're one of the only SEO content marketing agencies that combine professional health copywriting skills with expert knowledge and research. In fact, we medically review all our articles and cite cutting-edge medical research to support any health or scientific claims made about your products or services.

After all, accuracy and quality aren't just about patient/customer trust; they're often a legal obligation. No SEO content marketing agency understands that better than us!

Not sure if this service is for you? Here's a comprehensive list of healthcare businesses that'll benefit from professional medical content writing:

Why You Need

Medical Content Writing

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